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Newton TWIN - Simultaneous


Newton TWIN - Simultaneous


Newton TWIN - Simultaneous Dispense Automatic Colorant Dispenser
Newton TWIN is an automatic system for integrated dosing of paint and colorants. It incorporates HERO’s new low pressure internal gear pump dispensing technology. It joins the flexibility and precision typical of a Simultaneous Automatic Dispenser for the Professional Point-of-sale to the large productivity of Factory Dosing System by Weight, using a very limited space. The ideal solution for the production and tinting of paint directly in the empty pail in a Distribution Center, a warehouse or in Professional Point-of-sale. This low pressure design reduces abrasion in the pump and promotes longer life expectancy.  To achieve precision accuracy this unit is equipped with a high ratio motors driven by an inverter powered 500 step encoder.  This combination offers up to an exceptional 1.1L flow rate while maintaining average dispense accuracy to +/-1%.
This unit also features a patented 3 way dispense head with pneumatically operated valves.  To solve nozzle clogging and drying the system offers total colorant recirculation as well as a specially designed dispense
·         Accuracy, durability and reliability
·         Capable of high volume while maintaining accuracy
·         High productivity in dosing the paint
·         Flexible modular design allows for custom configurations
·         External tanks and automatic refilling system for the paint
·         Small Footprint
·         Low maintenance and service costs
·         Capable of dispensing difficult products
·         Colorant won’t dry in the nozzles
·         Much improved durability and pump life
·         Sedimentation of the pigments and obstruction of the circuits
·         Dosing time of the paint
·         Low refill height
·         Space saving ergonomic design
·         Automatic can shelf
·         Includes adjustable height roller conveyor
·         Quick refilling system for the paint
·         Single software handling the automatic dosing of paint and colorants

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