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HERO Releases New Automatic Dispenser - Model A450
June 5, 2008

Vancouver, B.C. - Press Release

The Eureka A450 incorporates HERO’s new patented Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) dispensing technology. This new, innovative, and revolutionary pump design allows HERO to offer the first truly low maintenance automatic colorant dispenser. In fact, we believe it offers the lowest cost of ownership available on the market today. The A450 incorporates this PCP technology into its unique cartridge design pump which allows for quick, clean and simple replacement. In addition, the A450 will further reduce yearly maintenance costs as it does not suffer calibration drift like competing technologies.

HERO has also solved the problem of colorants drying in the nozzles, thanks to the A450’s ability to reverse the flow of colorant through the pump. This unique feature is referred to as draw back, and occurs at the end of each dispense. The pump reverses rotation and draws back the colorant inside the nozzles. This minimizes contact of colorant with air, thereby reducing colorant drying. This dispenser is also equipped with a capper closing mechanism which helps to keep the nozzles air tight. The Eureka A450 is an innovative automatic dispenser designed to meet the needs of a medium volume paint retailer. It can simultaneously dispense up to 4 colorants. That’s approximately 40 ounces per minute! Furthermore, the A450 offers precision unmatched by its rivals. This unit will dispense down to 1/1000 of a fluid ounce (0.03 ml)! It also operates within a +/-1% error on average dispenses.
About ICTC
The HERO Products Group of ICTC Holdings Corporation, with its head office in Canada, is a 39-year old company primarily engaged in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of tinting and mixing equipment for the paint and coatings industry. It has representation in most countries of the world and manufacturing, together with sales and marketing operations in: Vancouver, Canada; Turin, Italy; Mumbai, India; and Guangzhou; China. The product lines include colorant dispensing and mixing equipment for point of sale, in-plant production equipment and automotive refinish.
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